What is Condo Insurance, and What Does It Cover?

RUMAHBERSIH.ID – Condo insurance covers damaged or stolen belongings as well as liability charges if visitors get damage in your home.

If you personal a condominium, you can probable matter on the rental association to insure the building and common areas. But the association’s grasp policy won’t help you if your property are stolen or get destroyed in a fire. For these and other practicable disasters, you’ll need a personal rental insurance plan policy, also known as HO-6 insurance.

What is apartment insurance?

Condo insurance plan covers what your association’s grasp policy won’t. This ought to encompass replacing a stolen TV or repairing the inside of your unit after a disaster. Condo insurance plan also gives legal responsibility coverage in case your canine bites anybody or a visitor gets hurt in your home. (Note that some insurers won’t cowl sure dog breeds.)

What is HO-6 insurance?

HO-6 insurance is every other title for apartment insurance. The term refers to one of quite a few home insurance coverage varieties used industrywide. For example, most householders buy HO-3 policies, while renters have HO-4 policies.

An HO-6 policy shape insures condos and co-ops. Although condominiums and co-ops have exceptional possession structures, insurance plan policies for individual owners work distinctly an awful lot the identical way.

Is apartment insurance plan required?

As with householders insurance, mortgage lenders normally require you to buy condo insurance. Having this coverage in region protects the lender’s economic hobby during the length of your loan.

Even if you’ve paid off your loan or bought the property outright, you would possibly nonetheless be on the hook. Many associations require proprietors to purchase person apartment policies, and they may additionally specify minimum degrees of coverage.

What does a apartment association’s insurance plan policy cover?

In many cases, some of your rental costs go towards the association’s grasp insurance plan policy. This insurance plan commonly covers mess ups and liability problems such as:

Damage to the building’s exterior

For example, the master coverage generally can pay for storm harm to the roof or siding.

Common areas

Your association’s grasp coverage generally covers injury to locations like the lobby, elevators, hallways and tennis courts.

Injuries sustained in common areas

Say a traveler slips on an icy walkway outside the the front door to the building. If they are injured and file a lawsuit, your association’s insurance would probable cowl the legal responsibility costs.

Remember that the above is standard guidance. Consider asking your property supervisor or a member of the apartment board for a reproduction of your association’s master policy. Knowing precisely what’s included will help you determine out what insurance you need in your individual rental policy.

What does condo insurance plan cover?

Individual condominium insurance plan generally covers your non-public property and offers financial safety if anybody sues you for negligence. Depending on what your condo association’s grasp insurance plan coverage includes, your man or woman HO-6 insurance coverage may additionally also cowl your unit’s indoors fixtures and appliances.

Here’s a breakdown of every kind of character rental insurance coverage.

Personal property

Personal property insurance pays to change furniture and other assets if they’re stolen or get broken by way of an event listed in your HO-6 policy. These “named perils” usually consist of scenarios like fire, wind and hail.

Example: A thief breaks into your condominium and steals a TV, two laptops and a necklace. Insurance would reimburse you for these losses, minus your deductible.

A popular apartment coverage may cowl valuables such as jewelry, electronics or paintings solely up to sure limits. If you have expensive items, you may also want to buy greater coverage. (The insurance plan corporation will in all likelihood ask for an appraisal — a professional evaluation of the item’s fee — earlier than it will cover a luxurious item.)

If you can’t live in your unit due to the fact of a included event, apartment insurance plan may additionally cover resort payments and different expenses.

Example: You have to cross out of your condominium for a couple of weeks at some point of repairs for a burst pipe. An HO-6 policy could pay for motel bills, restaurant ingredients and laundry costs that go beyond what you’ll normally pay while living at home.

Liability and clinical payments

Individual condo insurance can help cover liability charges if you’re sued for negligence or unfavorable any individual else’s property. Personal legal responsibility coverage can additionally pay prices for a lawsuit if a guest is hurt in your unit or your canine bites any person at the park. Medical repayments coverage typically has a lower restriction and can pay the scientific payments of any individual damage in your unit, regardless of fault.

Example: While touring your condo, a pal trips over an extension wire and breaks his wrist. Your medical repayments insurance may want to assist with his physician bills.

Dwelling or building property coverage

You may also need to insure your unit’s interior with residing coverage, also recognised as constructing property coverage, depending on your apartment association’s grasp policy. Before buying individual condo insurance, test with your affiliation to see which of the following insurance types applies to its grasp policy.

All-inclusive or all-in coverage

With this option, your association’s grasp coverage will cowl all items built into your unit, which include light fixtures, home equipment and cabinets. It will also cover upgrades you make to these elements. If your affiliation incorporates all-inclusive coverage, you in all likelihood don’t need living coverage on your man or woman condominium policy.

Single entity coverage

Single entity coverage is comparable to all-in coverage. However, it doesn’t include upgrades or additions you make to your condo, solely the unique fixtures and appliances. If you make significant enhancements to your unit, you might also favor to add building property coverage to your person policy.

Bare walls coverage

This includes the walls, flooring and ceilings of the unit however now not anything connected to them, such as carpets or appliances. You’ll want to searching for insurance for these items underneath your character apartment policy. This type of coverage is why rental insurance policies are once in a while known as “walls-in insurance.”

As with private property coverage, your constructing property insurance typically applies solely to occasions specifically named in the policy such as theft and fire.

Example: A fire in the unit subsequent to yours spreads to your kitchen, destroying most of the room. Your condominium association’s grasp coverage offers only bare walls coverage, so the constructing property insurance on your individual policy pays for new cupboards and appliances.

Loss assessment

If your condominium affiliation goes above the limits of its grasp coverage say, when repairing main hail damage to the constructing each unit proprietor might want to assist make up the difference. If you have loss evaluation coverage on your rental insurance, it may cover this expense.

The grasp policy should also have a giant deductible, and the affiliation may cut up that price among all unit owners. Alternatively, the affiliation ought to ask an man or woman unit proprietor to pay the complete deductible if the harm originated in their condo.

Example: Your canine knocks over a candle and begins a hearth that destroys section of the building’s roof. If the master coverage has a $10,000 deductible, the association would possibly maintain you responsible for that quantity alternatively than asking all the building’s owners to chip in. Loss evaluation insurance might also cover this type of scenario.

This coverage typically applies only when your man or woman policy covers the purpose of the damage in question. Say your association asks you to make contributions to repairs from flood damage, however you haven’t added flood insurance plan to your character condominium policy. In this case, loss evaluation coverage wouldn’t assist you.

Which eventualities are covered, and which aren’t?

Below are some common problems a traditional person apartment insurance plan coverage will and won’t cover. You may also be capable to buy extra insurance for some of the scenarios that aren’t included.

Usually covered

Usually no longer covered

  • Fire and smoke.
  • Explosions.
  • Wind and hail.
  • Theft.
  • Vandalism.
  • Lightning.
  • Burst pipe.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Floods from external sources, such as heavy rainfall or storm surge.
  • Intentional accidents to others.
  • Nuclear hazards.
  • Damage from birds, rodents and insects.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Damage from underground water (such as sewer backups).

Optional rental insurance coverage

If a basic HO-6 coverage isn’t enough, you can generally purchase greater insurance in the form of endorsements, or add-ons to your policy. Below are a few frequent endorsements you can choose.

Replacement fee for non-public property

A fashionable coverage covers your private assets on an “actual money value” basis, that means the insurer would pay the depreciated value of older objects if you ever filed a claim. Upgrading to alternative price coverage capability the payout will be adequate to purchase new items.

Water backup

If a clogged drain or malfunctioning sump pump sends water into your unit, the water backup endorsement can pay for any resulting damage.

Scheduled personal property

Certain treasured items such as jewelry, art and firearms may also have restrained coverage underneath the non-public property part of your policy. For example, even if your total personal property restriction is $100,000, your coverage may additionally cover rings theft only up to $2,500. If your valuables are really worth more than this sublimit, you can purchase greater coverage for them.

Identity theft

Adding an identity theft endorsement may additionally supply you coverage for legal bills, misplaced income or other prices after an identification fraud incident.

Vacant or unoccupied condo

If you don’t live in your unit year-round or it’s unoccupied whilst you’re waiting to move in, you may additionally want vacant domestic insurance. (A standard coverage might also no longer cowl damage to a apartment that’s left empty for greater than 30 to 60 days.)

How much condo insurance plan do you need?

To parent out the amount of non-public property insurance you need, take inventory of what you personal and what it’s worth. Here’s how to make a domestic inventory.

For a speedy estimate, you can use the calculator below. Consider rounding up to the nearest $10,000 to make certain you have adequate coverage.

When it comes to the interior of your unit, appear over your association’s master policy before shopping for an HO-6 policy. The quantity of constructing property insurance you need will rely on whether you have to cowl appliances, cabinets, carpets and light fixtures.

Liability insurance for character apartment insurance plan usually starts at $100,000. To determine how lots you need, tally up the total quantity you could lose if any one sues you. Include the value of your financial savings and investments, motors and other assets. Then get adequate legal responsibility insurance to cover at least that amount.

Some rental insurance policies include loss assessment, while others offer it as an elective add-on. Even when it is included, the insurance limit is regularly fairly low (typically $1,000). You may also want to add more coverage, particularly if your apartment association’s master policy has a excessive deductible.

Condo insurance policies can be complicated to purchase due to the fact nation laws and affiliation bylaws range from case to case. Talking with a licensed insurance agent is frequently the great way to get coverage guidelines for your situation.

How an awful lot does apartment insurance plan cost?

The common condo insurance plan price is $511 per year, in accordance to National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2020 data, the modern-day available. Condo insurance plan fees range broadly depending on where you live, how a lot coverage you need and the deductible you choose. Check out the common condominium insurance premium in your state:


Average annual cost

























































New Hampshire


New Jersey


New Mexico


New York


North Carolina


North Dakota










Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota














Washington, D.C.


West Virginia






Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 2020 data

How to buy apartment insurance

Many groups that provide householders insurance additionally promote policies for condos. You can normally get condo insurance charges on the insurers’ web sites or by calling them. If you’d as an alternative let someone else do the legwork, you can ask an impartial agent to evaluate costs on your behalf.

To get the excellent fee for the coverage you want, we suggest getting fees from at least three companies. Make positive every organisation presents similar insurance amounts and deductibles to make certain a truthful comparison.

Below are some widely accessible apartment insurance plan businesses to consider. Smaller regional insurers might also also provide solid coverage options. A neighborhood unbiased agent can assist you discover them.


Allstate offers a lengthy list of optionally available endorsements you can add to your condo policy. For example, HostAdvantage covers injury to your property throughout intervals when you hire your apartment out to others. You can additionally add insurance for identity theft, misplaced electronic facts or water injury from backed-up drains.


Amica covers condos in all states without Alaska and Hawaii. It offers widespread and dividend policies. The latter typically price more upfront however may want to return up to 20% of your top rate to you as a dividend. If you have a claim, Amica’s partnership with Contractor Connection can assist you discover a professional to do the repairs.


Chubb includes $5,000 in loss assessment coverage, with greater amounts available. In positive states, you can get extended replacement fee coverage to make positive you can fully rebuild your apartment even if your policy’s limits aren’t excessive enough. Chubb ambitions to problem payment for claims within forty eight hours.


Farmers gives a range of methods to store on your rental policy. For example, discounts are available if you bundle a couple of policies (such as apartment and auto), have a safety system or haven’t smoked in at least two years. Farmers covers the theft of jewelry and watches up to $1,000 per item. If that’s no longer enough, you can add more coverage.

Liberty Mutual

A Liberty Mutual rental coverage includes the fundamentals and will also cowl your stuff for 30 days all through a move, along with in a storage facility. You can retailer on your premium by way of bundling policies, going at least three years besides filing a declare and putting in protecting devices in your home.


Nationwide has a number of kinds of non-compulsory insurance to pick from, along with greater insurance plan for valuables and for water harm due to the fact of backed-up sewers and drains. You can add Brand New Belongings to your policy, which insures your stuff on a replacement-cost foundation instead than actual cash value.

State Farm

State Farm gives wide-ranging rental insurance insurance policies that may additionally maintain pace with rising costs by way of mechanically growing your insurance limits. In most states, State Farm rental policyholders can get a free Ting device, a smart plug that video display units your home’s electrical network to help stop fires.


Does your unit have smoke detectors, sprinklers or a home safety system? If so, you could be eligible for a cut price on your Travelers condominium policy. The business enterprise additionally offers a special “green home” cut price for homes licensed by means of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ranking system, better acknowledged as LEED.


USAA apartment insurance plan is handy to active-duty military member, veterans and their families. Policies encompass up to $10,000 worth of insurance for harm to your property by means of an act of war, with no deductible. They can additionally pay up to $50,000 for loss assessments from your association to repair broken frequent areas.

How to store on condominium insurance

There are three primary ways to pay much less for rental insurance:

Shop around. We suggest getting fees from at least three insurance businesses to discover the quality price for the coverage you want.

Look for discounts. You might be able to store if you bundle your condo and auto insurance with the identical company. Some insurers offer discounts if your unit has security gadgets like smoke detectors and deadbolt locks.

Raise your deductible. Don’t do this except you experience confident you would have sufficient financial savings to pay the greater quantity in an emergency. Otherwise, the lower top class may no longer be well worth it.

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