How to Claim Vehicle Insurance for Those Affected by Floods, Complete and Follow the Procedure

RUMAHBERSIH.ID – When the rainy season arrives, floods usually occur in several big cities.

The impact of the flood disaster will certainly result in substantial material losses.

One of them is a 4-wheeled vehicle or car whose owner has not had time to evacuate so that it is submerged in the flood.

Damage to vehicles caused by being submerged in floods causes considerable repair costs.

Insurance claims for vehicles are a wise choice if you have been an insurance participant before.

There are several steps to submit an insurance claim that insurance participants must follow, as follows:

The initial steps in the insurance claim filing procedure are,

  1. Contact the insurer.
  2. Photos of vehicle damage to be attached.
  3. Complete the claim form carefully.
  4. Complete the required documents.
  5. Inform and tell the chronology of events clearly.
  6. Take advantage of partner workshop services.
  7. Immediately cut off the power supply to the car, including the battery, to avoid further damage.
  8. It is better to immediately ask for evacuation assistance, especially for 4-wheeled vehicles to avoid damage to the engine area.
  9. Insurance participants must report losses incurred due to flooding to the insurance agent.

Floods are an annual disaster that often occur in various big cities in Indonesia such as DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Karawang and other big cities.

Although all efforts to prevent flooding are always carried out at a considerable cost, floods often occur due to various factors.

Every time a flood hits an area, it is undeniable that various negative impacts and damage occur. Not only can it cause casualties but also cause material losses, such as vehicles submerged in floods.

In addition to having life insurance, having vehicle insurance is included in the important category, because a vehicle or car damaged by a flood can be compensated by the insurer by extending coverage for disasters such as floods.

Having vehicle insurance will benefit the owner, because insurance functions to provide protection to avoid various kinds of risks and losses that arise at unexpected times.

Having vehicle insurance should be done from the time you buy a vehicle, because basically the owner will never know a disaster will come that can cause losses, one of which is due to being inundated.

Usually the general rule of the claim reporting process must have been done a maximum of 72 hours after the incident. However, this rule is flexible and depends on the services and provisions that are owned by each insurance service provider company.

It is better for vehicle owners not to delay or report and submit insurance claims for 4-wheeled vehicles or cars after a flood occurs.

Even though 4-wheeled vehicles or cars are already protected by expanding flood protection, still make sure not to hit a flood and not start a car that has already been submerged in water.

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