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RUMAHBERSIH.ID – Lemonade domestic insurance might also be a suitable suit for tech-savvy homeowners who want phase of their premium to go to charity.

When it comes to domestic insurance, Lemonade works otherwise than different companies. To get a policy, you’ll interact with a chatbot named Maya as an alternative than an agent. To file a claim, you’ll publish data and video via the company’s app and you might get a payout inside a few seconds.

Lemonade’s enterprise mannequin also diverges from the enterprise norm. The business enterprise takes a flat fee from every top class and uses the rest to pay claims and handle different expenses. Any cash left over is given to charitable agencies selected via policyholders adding up to extra than $1.8 million in donations in 2022.

Lemonade isn’t proper for everyone. Its insurance policies aren’t accessible in all states, and it attracts extra purchaser complaints for its dimension than many different home insurers. But for householders who price efficient provider and the danger to ship their insurance plan greenbacks to priceless causes, Lemonade is well worth considering.

Lemonade domestic insurance famous person rating

Lemonade house owners insurance earned four out of 5 stars for ordinary performance. NerdWallet’s ratings are determined through our editorial team. The householders insurance scoring formula takes into account policy coverage options and discounts, ease of submitting a claim, internet site transparency, the economic power of the company, complaint records from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and more.

State availability

You can buy Lemonade house owners insurance in 22 states and Washington, D.C.

Lemonade domestic insurance plan coverage
You can personalize your householders policy with numerous add-ons, but beneath are the kinds of coverage that commonly come standard:

Type of coverage

What it does


Pays to repair or rebuild the shape of your home.

Other structures

Covers injury to unattached structures such as a shed or fence.

Personal property

Pays to repair or exchange non-public assets such as fixtures or clothing.

Loss of use

Pays for inn stays, restaurant foods or different expenses if you have to live somewhere else while your domestic undergoes covered repairs.

Personal liability

Covers legal costs and damages if you’re accountable for accidents to different human beings or their property.

Medical payments

Covers accidents to friends in your home, regardless of fault.

For extra details, see What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Lemonade householders insurance policies cover personal assets on a “replacement cost” basis: If your stuff is stolen or destroyed, the employer will pay out enough for you to buy new replacements.

Depending on where you live, you may be capable to add the following kinds of insurance onto a standard Lemonade policy:

Extra coverage for valuable gadgets such as jewelry, best artwork and high-end cameras.

Water backup insurance for damage induced with the aid of a drain or sewer backing up.

Foundation water damage coverage in case water seeps into your basis and motives leaks.

Extended reconstruction price in case the quantity it charges to rebuild your domestic after a catastrophe ends up being higher than your living limit.

Swimming pool liability to pay for complaints if anyone is injured in your pool.

Equipment breakdown insurance to pay for appliances that have mechanical failures.

Buried utility coverage to cowl injury to provider traces such as power, water or sewage lines on your property.

Day care liability for those caring for different people’s teenagers in their home.

In some states, Lemonade can also also encompass coverage for issues like sinkholes, mine subsidence or leaky gas tanks.


You can shop on your Lemonade house owners coverage by:

  • Buying another product from Lemonade, such as pet or life insurance.
  • Paying your invoice annually rather of in more familiar installments.
  • Having deadbolt locks, burglar alarms or other protecting gadgets in your home.

Consumer complaints

Lemonade acquired extra than the predicted range of domestic insurance plan complaints to kingdom regulators relative to its size, in accordance to three years’ really worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (NAIC domestic insurance complaints additionally cowl different sorts of domestic policies, along with mobile home, renters and apartment insurance.)

Consumer experience

Website: Lemonade’s internet site is cleanly designed and convenient to use, with a prolonged FAQ area providing statistics in jargon-free language. You can get a speedy quote from the homepage.

App: You can use the enormously rated Lemonade app to view policy details, update your coverage, file claims, get fees and purchase a policy.

Claims: Lemonade directs you to its app to publish claims, even though you can additionally file via phone at 844-733-8666. On the app, you’ll interact with a chatbot and upload a video of yourself describing the incident. Depending on the circumstances, Lemonade may also pay out your declare immediately. Payouts are deposited at once into your financial institution account.

Customer service: You can get assist by means of chatbot on Lemonade’s website or app, ship an email with the aid of an on-line shape or call 844-733-8666.

Where Lemonade stands out

Claims processing. The company says it uses synthetic brain to system about 40% of claims immediately. (Humans deal with more problematic claims that AI can’t handle.)

Giveback program. This application directs phase of your insurance top class to a charitable agency of your choice. Lemonade has donated extra than $6 million given that 2017.

Where Lemonade falls short

Consumer complaints. Although Lemonade has improved in this respect, the corporation nonetheless draws greater complaints than predicted for an insurer of its size.

Availability. Lemonade sells domestic insurance in fewer than half of U.S. states.

Lemonade vs. Hippo domestic insurance

Lemonade and Hippo are more moderen corporations that promote policies without delay to customers alternatively than the use of agents. One primary difference between Lemonade and Hippo is that Hippo insures solely homes and condos, while Lemonade additionally affords renters, pet, life and vehicle insurance.

When it comes to householders insurance, Hippo and Lemonade provide similar coverage options, though distinct ones cost extra with every company. For example, Lemonade consists of alternative cost insurance for your belongings in every policy, whilst only Hippo’s greater high-priced plans encompass this.

However, all of Hippo’s policies encompass prolonged replacement cost, which adds 25% to 50% to your living insurance restriction in case it prices greater to rebuild your domestic than expected. This insurance charges more with Lemonade.

In many states, Hippo presents policyholders free smart-home gadgets such as water sensors, smoke detectors and protection cameras.

Check out NerdWallet’s Hippo home insurance assessment for greater details.

Lemonade vs. Geico domestic insurance

The foremost distinction between Lemonade and Geico domestic insurance plan is that Lemonade sells its personal policies, whilst Geico homeowners insurance policies come from 0.33 parties.

Geico works with companies like Travelers, Liberty Mutual and Homesite to supply home insurance, so if you want to file a claim, you’ll have to contact the different business enterprise directly. Meanwhile, Lemonade has a quick, simple claim technique that you can elevate out in the app.

If you’re looking to bundle home and car insurance, it’s less difficult with Geico, which sells auto insurance nationwide. Lemonade’s automobile insurance policies are handy in solely three states: Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee.

Read our Geico domestic insurance review to learn more.

Is Lemonade home insurance proper for you?

Lemonade’s digital-first experience prioritizes ease and convenience, letting homeowners deal with almost every issue of their policy via the internet site or app. If that’s attractive to you, Lemonade will probably be a desirable fit.

But if you’d rather talk about insurance choices with a neighborhood agent and construct a relationship with them, you’ll be better off with a distinct insurer.

Other domestic insurance corporations to consider

Not ready to make a decision? You can also be interested in these different homeowners insurance companies:

Amica: Great consumer carrier plus an authorised contractor application to assist with claims.

Nationwide: For shoppers searching for a large range of coverage options.

Openly: Premium insurance for high-end homes.

Progressive: Best for current Progressive auto clients searching to bundle policies.

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