Benefits of Bananas Based on the Level of Maturity

RUMAHBERSIH.ID – The benefits of bananas, surely almost everyone knows about the benefits that can be obtained from this one fruit.

Bananas are almost often found in every region. This one fruit is indeed rich in benefits that are good for health.

The taste is sweet with various types of colors and shapes, bananas are the prima donna of various circles.

The following are the benefits of bananas based on their level of maturity:

  1. Green

The benefits of green bananas are rich in resistant starch which is good for diet programs. Therefore for those of you who are on a green banana diet it can be a recommendation.

  1. Yellow

Yellow bananas tend to have enough sugar content to make the body more energized after exercising.

  1. Yellow with brown spots

Benefits Bananas are yellow but have brown spots and have a high antioxidant content.

In addition, it can also help protect the body from free radicals.

  1. Chocolate

Benefits Brown bananas contain tryptophan which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Thus about the benefits of bananas based on the level of ripeness.

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